web site analytics

Gain a competitive advantage in your online search market

Our SEO Dashboard can allow you to gain a competitive advantage in your online search market with valid, reliable, empirical figures on which to base your management decisions. It can assist you in determining your most effective and profitable keyphrases by specifically measuring your organic search engine and conversion activity.


Use our customized web statistics reporting to identify the underlying keyphrases and search engines responsible for driving traffic, conversions, and profit to your web site.

Download our Web Log FAQ

Our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) addresses many questions that your people are likely to have regarding access to your web site's raw logs for setting up your SEO Dashboard Web Analytics.

Integrate your Analytics Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into your SEO Campaigns

The data mining technology that runs your SEO Dashboard allows us to integrate your analytics data across multiple aspects of your campaign, allowing us to correlate:

  • online conversions
  • keyphrase research
  • position reporting
  • link analyses
  • Google PageRank
  • link popularity
  • indexed page count
  • industry and client supplied data

Log based analytics vs. Javascript tracking reporting methods

The two primary methods of performing web analytics are analyzing a web server's intrinsic log files, or gathering data directly from the user with Javascript tracking tags.


Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Generally, log based methods will be far more accurate, as they are able to operate on a complete set of data, while Javascript can only track a subset of activity. Specifically, Javascript methods are not able to track non-tagged information such as non-Javascript users, search engine robots, video views, site errors, file downloads, etc..


Log based analytics do not require any changes to your website, or any tracking tags to implement in your code. Because of this, log based systems can report on historical information going as far back as your initial web logs. Javascript systems can only report back as far as when the tracking tag implementation was completed.


Benefits of our web analytics reporting over other competing statistical systems include:

  • SEO growth measurement
  • conversion tuning
  • search market segmentation
  • audio/video view tracking
  • web site error reporting
  • robot indexing activity
  • visitor path analysis
  • city, state, and country reports
  • Unit conversion and dollar $ sales tracking for each:
  • search phrase
  • search word
  • search engine
  • referring domain
  • entry page
  • time period

Additional custom SEO services available

  • SEO Dashboards
  • Web Analytics, Position Reporting, Competitive SEO Reporting, Link Analysis, and Executive Dashboards provide an interactive overview for all your web site KPIs.

  • Web Site Analytics
  • Web statistics reporting to identify the underlying keyphrases and search engines responsible for driving traffic and conversions to your web site.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO campaigns designed to increase not only search engine positions and traffic, but to increase online conversions and overall profit margin.

  • Keyphrase Research
  • Leading edge technologies and methodologies for keyphrase research, correlating relative keyphrase popularity, keyword thematics, and empirical website activity.

  • Architectural Analyses
  • Web site audit to identify issues hindering search engine indexing and positioning, and recommendations for alleviating the problems.