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Increase your conversions and online ecommerce revenues with our custom SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the aspect of internet marketing that focuses on improving a site's position in the organic search engine results for the phrases most critical to the client. SEO differs from Pay Per Click (PPC) in that you are affecting the organic (non-paid) results at each search engine. Therefore, beyond the cost of the initial analysis and setup, the benefits are free, and continue in perpetuity.


Our search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are designed to not only improve search engine positions and increase traffic to your web site, but to ultimately increase your online conversions and overall profit margin. We improve your search engine presence by performing a detailed SEO analysis of your existing site, and recommending adjustments in order to achieve top organic (non-paid) placement at the search engines for your site's chosen keyphrases.


The standard SEO campaign consists of an architectural analysis, in-depth keyphrase research, meta tag writing, and search engine and directory submissions. Each client can customize their package with additional SEO and internet marketing services, from weekly campaign highlights and conversion tuning, to competitive analyses and site migration strategies.

Keyphrase Research

We first conduct an In-depth review of your online business model to identify those search phrases most critical to your web site goals.

Meta Tag Writing

We then create specific title, description, and keyword meta tags for each of your optimized pages, driven from our detailed keyphrase research.

Search Engine and Directory Submissions

Once your meta tags are implemeneted, we submit your site to the primary search engines and directories.

In addition to the standard practice of keyphrase research, meta tag design and search engine submissions, your site may benefit from additional optimization. We can work with you to identify and develop these custom strategies.

Campaign Highlights

Weekly analysis of campaign successes and highlights, covering web analytics, SEO metrics, and search engine position results.

Conversion Tuning

Quantitative measurement of your online marketing campaigns for testing alternative content, images, conversion paths, and calls to action and their impact on conversions.

Link Analysis

Iinternal and external link structure analysis to identify competitors' link strengths that can be leveraged to your benefit (currently under development).

Competitive Analysis

Web site audit of all client, ally, and competitor websites from a competitive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of each site.

Site Migration Strategies

Site transition and URL mapping strategy to migrate traffic from legacy sites and reduce the loss of existing search engine rankings.

Online Reputation Management

Brand strategies to increase the search engine saturation of positive listings for your critical identity phrases, diluting negative or detrimental content.

Additional internet marketing services available


  • SEO Dashboards
  • Web Analytics, Position Reporting, Competitive SEO Reporting, Link Analysis, and Executive Dashboards provide an interactive overview for all your web site KPIs.

  • Web Site Analytics
  • Web statistics reporting to identify the underlying keyphrases and search engines responsible for driving traffic and conversions to your web site.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO campaigns designed to increase not only search engine positions and traffic, but to increase online conversions and overall profit margin.

  • Keyphrase Research
  • Leading edge technologies and methodologies for keyphrase research, correlating relative keyphrase popularity, keyword thematics, and empirical website activity.

  • Architectural Analyses
  • Web site audit to identify issues hindering search engine indexing and positioning, and recommendations for alleviating the problems.