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Identify your most profitable keyphrases, search engines, and link partners.

Our statistics allow you to measure not just the traffic attributed to each word, phrase, and engine, but also the contribution of each toward the site's conversions and revenues. Determine the top visitor cities, states, and countries frequenting your site, identify which pages on your site are being indexed by a specific search engine, measure your multimedia downloads, and report on web site errors that are occurring on your site.

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Our web site analytics go beyond basic search phrase, search engine, and visitor tracking to provide you with actionable data to improve conversions, idetify market niches, and track video, web site errors, and robot spidering activity not available when using Javascript based reporting solutions.

conversion analysis reporting
Conversion Analysis

conversion path analysis
Path Analysis

visitor cities / states / countries
Visitor Cities/States/Countries

indexed page count tool
Video/Audio Tracking

visitor behaviour
Visitor Behaviour

robot / spider activity
Robot Activity

online interactivity usage analysis
Online Interactivty Usage

website error reporting
Error Reporting

Executive Dashboard

indexed page count tool

SEO Metrics

search engine spider visibility tool

Position Reporting

search engine spider visibility tool

Link Analysis

search engine and directory submission list