executive SEO dashboard screenshot

Integrate key performance indicators (KPIs) from 5 distinct reporting systems.

The SEO Dashboard is comprised of 5 distinct modules, integrated so as to provide additional insights not feasible when considered separately: Executive Dashboard, Web Site Analytics, SEO Metrics, Search Engine Position Reporting, and Link Analysis. Below are some links to screenshots of these SEO reporting technologies and interactive charting to help you visualize how you can take advantage of their internet marketing benefits.

internet marketing executive dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Brings together all your reporting components, providing a single reporting overview to compare metrics side by side for multiple client websites

web site analytics dashboard

Web Site Analytics Dashboard

Measures not just the traffic attributed to each word, phrase, and engine, but also the contribution of each toward the site's conversions.

SEO metrics dashboard

SEO Metrics Dashboard

Covers the essential SEO metrics including link popularity, indexed page counts, and Google PageRank.

SEO metrics dashboard

Position Reporting Dashboard

Analyzes search engine positions for your supplied keyphrase list across each of the primary search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing).

Link Analysis Dashboard

Link integrity tests for your website to identify missing pages (i.e. 404 errors) and to identify any potential crawling problems that the search engine spiders might encounter.

Gain the competitive advantage online with these internet marketing benefits.

Our SEO Dashboard can allow you to gain a competitive advantage in your online search market by identifying your most effective and profitable key phrases, landing pages, and link partners.

  • SEO Growth Measurement
  • Measure growth of optimized pages or search engines over time, and detect new search phrases and search phrase growth rate resulting from your SEO campaigns.

  • Conversion Tuning
  • Measure not just the traffic attributed to each word, phrase, and engine, but also the contribution of each toward the site's goal(s). Analyze paths leading to and from the conversion event to optimize the online conversion process.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Compare SEO metrics for your client, ally, and competitor websites from a competitive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective and identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of each site.

  • Audio/Video Tracking
  • Because your web site resources do not require manual tagging, our analytics are able to track which videos, flash files, and are being downloaded. This allows you to measure the effect of your syndicated video content, and identify opportunities for bandwidth optimization.