SEO Executive Dashboard Features

Base your online management decisions on actionable metrics

Our interactive SEO Dashboard reporting is designed to assist you not only in improving search engine positions and increasing traffic to your site, but ultimately to increase your online and offline conversions (for example, user registrations,  PDF downloads, or online purchases).

Interactive Charting

Our interactive charting allows you to explore greater depths of your online business intelligence, giving you the competitive edge to search, sort, and filter specific search engines, SEO metrics, time ranges, and competitors.

Competitive SEO Analysis

Our SEO Dashboard allows you to simultanously analyze your website against your competitors for your most critical SEO metrics. Compares the critical SEO metrics for all client, ally, and competitor sites within a single chart.


Integrated KPI Reporting

Our data mining engine allows us to integrate key performance indicators (KPIs) across you web statistics metrics, position reporting, keyphrase research, and status reporting to provide unprecedented SEO intelligence.

Internet Marketing Benefits

Our SEO Dashboard can allow you to gain a competitive advantage in your online search market by measuring your organic search engine and conversion activity to determine your most effective and profitable key phrases.

Integrated KPI Reporting

The SEO Dashboard is comprised of 5 distinct modules, integrated so as to provide additional insights not feasible when considered separately.

  • Web Site Analytics
  • Provides you with valid, reliable, empirical figures on which to base future online web marketing decisions.

  • Position Reporting
  • Reporting for your supplied keyphrase list across each of the primary search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing).

  • SEO Metrics
  • Covers the essential SEO metrics including link popularity, indexed page counts, and Google PageRank.

  • Link Analysis
  • Link integrity tests for your site to identify missing pages (i.e. 404 errors) and to identify any potential crawling problems that the search engine spiders might encounter.

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Brings together all your reporting components, providing a single reporting overview to compare metrics side by side for multiple client websites.