SEO matrix chart

Visualize your critical SEO metrics against those of your competitors.

Our web site analytics dashboard allows you to simultanously analyze your website against your competitors for your most critical SEO metrics.


The SEO Matrix chart compares the critical SEO metrics (link popularity, indexed page count, and Google PageRank) for all client, ally, and competitor sites within a single chart. This allows you to visualize the relative SEO strengths of all sites under consideration.

Link Popularity

The number of inbound links to a site that the search engines have identified. Search engines weigh their search results heavily towards sites with a large number of inbound links from quality sites.

Indexed Page Counts

The number of pages in a site that the search engines have discovered. Search engines weigh their search results heavily towards sites with a significant number of related pages.

Google Page Rank

Quality rating (1-10) that Google assigns to a site to indicate it's evaluation of a site's relative strength. Google PageRank is driven by an aggregate of page count, link popularity, site content, and internal link structure.



Search Engine Visibility

An aggregate valuation of search positions for all keyphrases across all 3 primary engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo) for a specific site. The more top listings for which a site appears across this aggregate search space, the higher its Visibility.

Try our online competitive SEO matrix tool

Compare the critical SEO metrics for you and 3 competitors. View your link popuarity, indexed page count, and Google PageRank in a single chart.

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Interactive position reporting

Search, sort, and filter your search engine position results with our interactive position analysis tool.

Show only your new position results on Google, or search for your phrases on Bing whose positions improved in the previous week.