SEO executive dashbard


Our SEO dashboard brings together your critical internet marketing reporting systems: web analytics, competitive SEO metrics, and search engine position reports.


The Executive Dashboard presents these critical metrics for all your projects side by side, allowing you to identify trends, successes, and problems from a single strategic view.

Web Site Analytics

Your web analytics reporting identifies the underlying keyphrases, search engines, and link partners responsible for driving traffic and conversions to your web site.

Competitive SEO Analysis

Your SEO reporting allows you to track your critical SEO metrics from week to week to identify strengths and weaknesses across your client, ally, and competitor sites.

Position Reporting

Your interactive position reporting integrates with your web analytics, allowing you to track the progress of your SEO campaigns and identify new keyphrase opportunities.

We can also integrate your custom data into our interactive charting systems, allowing you to explore



SEO Dashboard Features

Our interactive SEO Dashboard reporting is designed to assist you not only in improving search engine positions and increasing traffic to your site, but ultimately to increase your online and offline conversions (for example, user registrations,  PDF downloads, or online purchases).



Internet Marketing Benefits

Our SEO Dashboard allows you to gain a competitive advantage in your online search market with actionable metrics on which to base your management decisions. It assists you in determining your most effective and profitable key phrases by measuring your organic search engine and conversion activity, and interactively allowing you to drill down to find your optimal results.



Dashboard Screenshots

The SEO Dashboard is comprised of 5 distinct modules, integrated so as to provide additional insights not feasible when considered separatel. View screenshots of these SEO reporting technologies and interactive charting to help you visualize how you can take advantage of their internet marketing benefits.



Search Engine Optimization Services

In addition to our SEO Dashboards and Web Site Analytics, we can also leverage our extensive internet marketing experience to provide you with custom SEO services, including architectural analyses, ongoing keyphrase research, and organic search engine optimization consulting.

We have provided search engine optimization services, web analytics, and SEO dashboards to Fortune 100 and large brand clients since 1997.

Over the past 13 years, our team members have worked with:

American Express
Four Seasons
Gibson Guitars
New Line Cinema
New Orleans Tourism
Peter Lik Fine Art Photography
Realty Executives
United Healthcare


Web Log FAQ

Our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) addresses many questions regarding access to your web site's log files.

[Download the FAQ (.doc)]


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